Wood block seating

Wood block seat “Hattori Hanzo” is made of Estonian oak. The handle is made of metal and covered with natural embroidered leather. Hidden wheels make it easy to move. By: JanKen Wisespace (Estonia) Amedea stool is in solid cedar wood used by placing it on each side. Designer: BENNO VINATZER Chop Chop side table/stool. Using only Chicago-area trees harvestedLoe edasi: “Wood block seating”

Mannequin by WertelOberfell

This chair is simple, chic…very simple even. What i like about this Mannequin chair is, that you can dress up the chair like one would a doll. It is inspired by stitched clothes & was created with the aim to be fully customized by individual user. You can choose between three different quilted covers and three detachable bases,Loe edasi: “Mannequin by WertelOberfell”

Avenue Club, Studio Karhard

Like said on restaurantandbardesign.com: “Café Moskau, within which the Avenue Club is located, was built in early 1960s Berlin as a paean to the avant-garde architecture in East Germany at the time, and as a symbol of a new era, dedicated to the peoples of the then Soviet Union. Following the reunification of Germany, the venue wasLoe edasi: “Avenue Club, Studio Karhard”