Wood block seating

Wood block seat “Hattori Hanzo” is made of Estonian oak. The handle is made of metal and covered with natural embroidered leather. Hidden wheels make it easy to move.
By: JanKen Wisespace (Estonia)ameda
Amedea stool is in solid cedar wood used by placing it on each side.


Chop Chop side table/stool. Using only Chicago-area trees harvested seasonally due to the effects of wind, damage and age. Stripped of their bark and squared into rectangular logs, each table is sanded and hand-rubbed with two coats of natural oil and a final wax coat. Designer Paul Pettigrew

These wooden stools are from the small Norwegian company Krosser. Krosser farm “harvest” their material in their own woods and create these beautiful objects. Love the glossy finish with the organic shape. You get them in different sizes and finishes. Use them as table, sideboard or stools.