Almost 25 random facts about me


So many bloggers do this – write 25 random things about themselves & I really love reading them! I like to get to know the person behind the blog…well reading those 25 things won’t make you closer to anybody, but at least i get a better understanding about them and their personality, qualities (totally important, right?)…so i thought that why not share my secret 25 things:

1. I live in Estonia, which is a LOVELY small European country with little over a million people (1.3 million). Yeah, i know! My good friend from Egypt laughed that it’s like a small suburb where he’s from. There really is so few of us, it’s a shame 🙂

2. I also have lived in San Diego (US) & Melbourne (Australia). What a cool experience that was! I recommend living abroad at least once in your life – i opens up your mind. At least for me it did, as i’m from such a small place (Saaremaa), where you are lucky your not related to your boyfriend 😀

3. I never used to love cats, but then i found this little cute creature and now i adore him! He’s called Nuki and he is mostly black with some white, BUT he has 1 black finger! How cute is that. The best pet ever 🙂 But i still like dogs more…or hey, i don’t have to say which one i like better – i like them all!

4. I love dancing around my house with music REALLY loud and imagine i am a performer or smth like that 🙂 Usually it is RnB, hip-hop or some other electronic music with really low BASS. I just love to shake around!

5. I am a vegetarian and dairy products are off the table most of the time. Yeah i know, I still have eggs sometimes & on social occasions i try cheese, but no biggy…i  I don’t like to categorise myself anywhere, I just try to listen to my body and do as i feel the best.

6. For working out i do short intense HIIT kind of workouts, like Sean T’s “T25” and yoga. Sometimes i run and also do all kinds of calisthenic exercises.

7. In 1997 i had food poisoning from mushrooms, where me and my family almost died. So then i didn’t eat mushrooms for 14 years. But now I have introduced some back into my diet.

8. I love to write..about everything, sometimes into a diary, or here on the blog OR make lists of what to buy or calculate my financial health…who to invite to my birthday and what i ate today…what kind of exercises i should do today and so on and so on…

9. I don’t get angry. I am a really calm person, but there is one subject that can get to me – justice. It is in my veins, i always stand up for my beliefs and try to help others, if it is needed of me.

10. I LOVE, just LOVE to paint my nails. That is crazy how much i love nail polish….and jewellery! I have well over 40 pairs of earrings…what does it say about me :/

11. Birthdays and anniversaries are celebrations i always remember and expect others to do the same. I enjoy get togethers and social settings. So much fun & love! And good music, smart discussions…

12. I don’t like marzipan…and actually i am really picky with my food! I prefer a spinach pastry to a cake. So not a sweet tooth, you could say. The list of foods i don’t eat is quite long…i guess it is getting shorter in time – i mean this year i started eating black olives & mushrooms! Success 🙂

13. My boyfriend & I are from the same island (Saaremaa) and his home is my childhood home, so now i live in my old bedroom again, with him 😀 creepy!

14. I have a condition, i put “…” (three dots) wherever i can…

15. I teach Ashtanga Yoga style classes.

16. I am a full-time Interior Designer, so if You ever need advice in that area, I am happy to help.

17. By that point I feel, i won’t get to 25 facts. I am afraid I will run out of ideas 🙂 so i decided i will make it 20.

18. I like candles and fire. So in my house, there is always at least one candle in action, preferably more than one.

19. When I talk, i sometimes have 50 different thoughts going through my head, so i might jump from one thing to another. I try my best not to get carried away 🙂 but sometimes i still do it. Sorry in advance.

20. Lucky 20. I am 26 at the moment, and my birthday is on 18th of February.

I guess that is it for now. If I think of something else, that would get me to 25 facts, You will be the first to know.
Happy holidays and enjoy the Christmas time to the fullest!